In India, it is necessary to link your phone number with your bank account to activate mobile banking features. Your phone number should be linked to your bank account for mobile banking. This guide will present all the possible ways of making this process easy for you;

3 methods to add to link your phone number with your bank account,

  • Link your phone number with your bank account through Online Banking
  • Link your phone number with your bank account through Mobile Banking App
  • Link your phone number with your bank account by Visiting Your Bank Branch

Link your phone number with your bank account through Online Banking:

This way is commonly used by most banks in India. Follow these instructions below:

Login: Go to the official website of your bank and find the secure login area for online banking which can be referred as “net banking” sometimes. Ensure you are using private internet connection and keep your logins confidential.

Search For The Update Section: Look for a dedicated section where one can manage his or her account details. This could also be named as “My Profile”, “Settings”, “Account Management” among others depending on how your bank’s interface appears.

Enter and Confirm Phone Number: Go to the place where one can modify contacts’ information that you have already entered into. There, you will input a new phone number and then retype it for verification purposes only though ensure that this number has good network coverage for receiving verification codes.

OTP Verification: Once you have put your mobile number, a special code will be sent by the bank through SMS on that line only. It’s called One-Time Password (OTP) which is applied to verify securely.

Complete Linking: To link your phone number to your bank account, type in the received OTP in the corresponding field on the bank’s website. When successfully authenticated, you will receive a message that your phone number has been linked to your bank account.

Link your phone number with your bank account through Mobile Banking App

Some banks might offer services where you can directly enter your mobile number through their mobile banking app. Below are general steps:

Open the App: Go to “my apps” and tap on this app from all available ones on your smartphone or tablet.

Find Update Option: Look for a section in-app dedicated specifically to managing your profile/account details. It could be under ‘Settings’, ‘Profile’ or something like that.

Update Phone Number: Locate where it says change contact info and do as told by the screen of yours whether it is requesting/inserting OTP or any other requirement necessary when changing phone numbers. Each individual stage may slightly differ depending on application used by various banks.

Link your phone number with your bank account by Visiting Your Bank Branch

If you’re not comfortable with online methods, visiting your bank branch is another option for linking up your phone number. Here is what you should do:

Carry Documents: Make sure you have an ID proof such as Aadhaar card, PAN card etc., which is valid along with a recent passport size photograph.

Request Update Form: Once at the bank just tell customer care representative that wants his/her simcard linked with their bank account using either a form for calling other numbers or give them my cell contact information so I can speak directly later if needed.


  • Please be aware that different institutions may have slightly different procedures and choices. Go through your bank’s website or mobile app for in-depth guidance.
  • Irrespective of the preferred mode, make sure you have a phone with a strong network so as to receive the verification OTP.
  • Always put security first. Make use of robust passwords and avoid doing online banking activities while connected to public Wi-Fi networks.

In this way, you can simply connect your phone number to your bank account and start using mobile banking conveniently in India.

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