Credit Improvement Services are in vogue right now. Since, people require various forms of credit these days; their credit score becomes very important. People with low credit score or mistakes in their credit report get their loans rejected for many reasons. Credit improvement services are started with the motive to help individuals improve their credit score and make them eligible for more loans and offers. Individuals who have issues with their credit report such as incorrect information, wrong DPD, and incorrect loan details can avail our credit repair services through our program credit360 at a nominal fee of Rs. 799 only.

Of late there has been a lot of negative talk about this credit improvement services offered by financial companies all over the media.  Here in this article, we will dispel the myths surrounding credit improvement services

Myth: Credit Improvement services are a scam

Reality: Though there are some fake companies that defraud customers in the name of credit improvement services. Many credit improvement services are legitimate and regulated. They follow transparent practices when it comes to analyzing your credit report, and providing your personalized financial advice to uplift your family. Companies like have taken it up as a mission to ensure people do not miss out on good credit opportunities through our credit improvement services called Credit360

Myth: You can easily fix the mistakes in the report on your own

Reality: While you can fix certain mistakes on your report in your credit report, it requires a deeper understanding of the credit laws. Since Companies offering CIS bring expertise and resource to the table, it would be much easier for them to press a dispute with the bureau rather than you challenging it

Myth: Credit Improvement Services can remove accurate Negative information

Reality: Legitimate credit improvement services do not remove accurate negative information from your credit report in the shortest time possible. They focus on disputing inaccuracies and unverifiable information. Accurate negative items can only be removed by the passage of time and a good positive credit repayable period over a period of time

Myth: Credit Scores can be instantly fixed

Reality: When you come with an error in your credit report agency and want to dispute it, your agency will take it up with the bureau. Credit improvement services involve reviewing your error, disputing errors, paying down debts, and following responsible credit use. Credible companies set realistic deadlines in fulfilling your request. Do not trust companies blindly just based on reputation

Myth: All companies are the same

Reality: Credit Improvement Services vary widely based on the quality, approach, and cost. Not every company follows the same process. It is important as a customer to choose company with a good reputation, clear pricing, and easy process. Maybe you can look for companies that offer free consultation and do a free review of your credit report.

Myth: Credit Improvement Companies just improve your credit score

Reality: Aside from helping you boost your credit score by fixing the errors, credit companies also offer valuable financial tips as a part of their package. Some of them also help you in debt consolidation by partnering with debt settlement companies. For example, through their credit360 program has partnered with Freed, giving our users a chance to consolidate their debts and pay it off in easy and affordable EMIs


Investing in credit improvement services is a right step towards long-term financial health. These services not only help improve your current credit score but also educate you on responsible credit management practices. As a user, always stay on top of your credit score. Access free credit score at Fincover without any hassles. By debunking these common myths, we hope to provide a clearer understanding of the benefits and realities of these services.

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